"I have employed the services of Inkspiral Design for almost five years now. One of the benefits of using Matt is that he not only provides prompt and detailed responses to my instructions, but he also provides his own input into the project. It is always better to share with him the nature of the project (whether it is a book, ad, trailer, etc.) and discuss with him options. Often he has taken the entire project in a new direction I have found to be superior to my original design. And, nuts and bolts talk: his rates are reasonable, his work respected, and he has yet to disappoint."


Steve Berman, owner of Lethe Press


"Matt did amazing work on my novel, Mrs Danby and Company. Before I sent it to him it was just one long screed of boring-looking text drivel, doomed to spend decades at the bottom of a heap of unlabelled files. It was a book I thought I'd never see in the flesh. But he took it and wrapped it in pink silk and added dark gothic flourishes and all kinds of wonderful embellishments. He even made me an animated trailer! And suddenly, thanks to his technical wizardry, this almost-wasn't novel was available to people to read!"


Paul Magrs, author of the Brenda and Effie mysteries, Lost on Mars, The Story of Fester Cat, and a number of Doctor Who novels and audios







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